Las 31 Mejores Fragancias de todos los tiempos, por los editores de Allure

bottles of perfume against white marble background

The 31 Best Fragrances of All Time, According to Allure Editors

Sable Yong

Every day here at Allure, our editors receive the newest perfumes from the largest fragrance houses and the smallest indie brands all before they make it to market, so we can get an exclusive look — or, sniff — at what the upcoming season’s biggest launches will be. If you think walking by a department store’s fragrance counters is intimidating, you should get a look at our desks. Sometimes it’s hard to reach the keyboard through all the bottles, vials, and testers. Even if we’re not rotating all of those fragrances through our scent wardrobes, sometimes a pretty perfume bottle just looks really nice on our desks. Through getting to smell everything out there, our scent memory is a literal filing cabinet of what notes were trending when, which scents are popular in which regions, and even an encyclopedic scent-knowledge of perfume dupes. We have a deep knowledge of the best scents to fit anyone’s taste, from the airiest florals to the most cloying gourmands. Here are the standouts that our editors have loved either for themselves or on others.

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